Commissioned by Essex Police as a recruitment tool, #FitTheBill is an arcade card game where you must make quick fire decisions whilst managing resources of Integrity, Public Safety, Resources and Public Confidence. You’ll be hiring and firing, fighting crime and saving lives – all with the swipe of a finger.

#FitTheBill presents users with scenarios the police face in their day to day lives, highlights transferrable skills for potential recruits, whilst also debunking myths surrounding careers in the police force (criminal record, tattoos etc).

The arcade nature of the game promotes fun and creative gameplay, whilst the realistic narrative content keeps it grounded in reality.




Essex Police

What We Did

Game Design, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Workshops

Video games as a medium

Engaging and educational gameplay

Working closes with the police force we identified existing learning resources and then gamified them to create a more interactive experience. Based in reality, augmented with game theory.

Mobile, tablet and web

Responsive design

Made with Construct2 and exported in HTML5, Fit The Bill is built with responsive design in mind. Meaning it works on all modern browsers across multiple platforms.

How The Project Was Received

Adam MercerSocial and Digital Engagement Officer, Essex Police

Pru WitherspoonCampaigns Manager, Essex Police