Can Video Games Be Educational?

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Yes. Next question?

Video games are just another way of telling a story, and if that story is any good then theres no reason why it shouldn’t be memorable. Learning is a process of repetition, and with the correct game mechanics you can easily train a behaviour or teach a topic via the correct game design. Read More

hACkT – A Summary

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Last week Teaboy were invited to take part in hACkT, a week long summer school for young people aged 11-16 to explore drama and theatre through digital technology and computer game design.

The 25 young people, aged between 11 and 16, were led by Actor and Raspberry Pi expert Dave Norton, Contemporary Dancer Hayley Ryan, Radio1 Presenter Julia Hardy and myself (Frazer) on behalf of Teaboy Games. The purpose of the week long summer school was to explore technology through creativity. Rather than dry classroom exercises instead we built robots, video games and looked at how we can use body movement to explain programming.

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Teaboy Games in Develop Magazine

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This week we had the exciting news that we were featured in Develop –  the magazine at the games industry’s heart, detailing the latest business, coding, art, sound and game design trends, and featuring interviews with the creative and commercial leaders in the field, reaching 300,000 readers.

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Norwich Games Festival 2016

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Last year we took a rough demo of Fallen to Norwich Games Festival and learnt way more about the game (and ourselves) than we could have ever imagined. This year we returned with Fallen PLUS a super-duper-early-pre-alpha-demo-concept-prototype of our exciting new game, Pendulum! But before we get onto that, lets take a look at what caught our eye at NGF2016…

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Teaboy on TV

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On Monday 7th December the University of Essex released its Economic Impact report, since we’re a company based on their new ‘Knowledge Gateway’ development we were invited to sing its praises on both BBC Look East and ITV Anglia!

BBC Look East

The eagle eye’d amongst you may remember that this isn’t our first appearance on BBC Look East, check out our last feature back in August!

ITV Anglia

We also made our debut appearance on ITV Anglia with Liz Summer asking the questions.

Teaboy Games @ Knowledge Gateway

The only reason we’re here is because of the amazing, and FREE, Gameshub Scheme run by Steven Huckle. As a trio of graduates all trying to balance life and work, having a dedicated workplace makes us far more efficient than endless Skype calls and email threads. It also allows us to host guests of our own, helping the business on not only a functional level (goodbye coffee shops and dial-up speed wifi) but also an appearance level as we begin to make the space our own.

As the company moves forward, having this publicity and brand awareness within the region is incredible. I truly hope we can continue to work closely both with the university and our local news outlets when we have more compelling stories to tell.

We’ve Fallen Onto Google Play

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Its with GREAT pleasure that we can announce Fallen will be launching on Android on Thursday 22nd October, alongside a bunch of awesome new features! After being featured in Apple’s ‘Best New Games’ in over 100 countries, Fallen racked up over 50’000 in just its first two weeks. With this our debut game, we garnered attention from the likes of Mashable, TechRadar and BBC News. Alongside a comprehensive content update, Fallen will now release on the Google Play Store on Thursday 22nd October for free.

Fallen Content Update Poster

 Content Update

In this comprehensive update we’ll be introducing TWO new power ups, a new origami inspired selector wheel and our first IAP!

  • Blackhole: This hypnotic portal will suck in the balls as they fall! As you upgrade the blackhole not only will it last longer, but it’ll grow larger and pull stronger!
  • Shield: With this personal defence system you’ll get three extra lives for a time limit. Upgrade to make this last longer, and take bigger risks spinning for more coins!

Alongside this fresh new content, we’ve continued to bug fix from the initial iOS launch and made further improvements. One of these is a new incentivised share feature, share your score to Facebook or twitter and get a massive 500 coins!

Fallen Launch Day

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After nearly 10 months, its FINALLY here…LAUNCH DAY! Fallen is now available to download, FREE on iOS.

In the past 24hrs we’ve been honoured with some amazing reviews, check it out:

  • “Electrifying!”
    – Ludovic Gilbert, Jai 10mn Pour Jouer
  • “Absolutely gorgeous.”
    – Jeff Byrnes, AppAdvice
  • “Unique and incredibly addictive”
    – Jack Cooksey, Pocket Full of Apps
  • “A step above the usual endless action dross”
    – Peter Willington, AppSpy
  • “Fallen puts your reflexes to the test in its simple but entertaining gravity-based game”
    – Karissa Bell, Mashable
  • “Sometimes the best games truly are the ones with the simplest concept”
    – Simon Wallace, Statisticiansix
  • “Beautifully designed”
    – Marcus Schwartene,
  • “Very minimal and very fun”
    – ThaiWare,
  • “Deceptively simple, this game is sure to keep you coming back for another chance to beat your score.”
    – Giancarlo Saldana, MacLife
  • “Fun and addictive game with a sleek minimalistic look”
    – Lisa Van Der Velden,
  • “Simple but additctive”
    – James Batchelor, Non-Violent Game of the Day

We’ll be sure to keep this article up to date as more reviews come in, but its overwhelmingly positive so far 😀 In the mean time, get it downloaded and start enjoying it!

Update: Check it out, we were in two local papers this week! The Colchester Daily Gazette on Wednesday 26th and East Anglian Daily Times on Friday 28th.

Colchester Gazette article and Teaboy Games and Fallen. 

East Anglian Daily Times article about Teaboy Games and Fallen.

Update: Tuesday 1st September we were invited on the Dave Monk show on BBC Radio Essex to talk about Teaboy Games and how the release of Fallen has been going now we’re four days in!

BBC Look East

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L ast night we were honoured to be featured on BBC Look East in their piece about the rise of entrepreneurs in Essex! We wouldn’t be where we are without the support and guidance of people like Shark infested Custard, Eastern Enterprise Hub, Essex University, the list goes on and on. Its businesses and organisations like these that are helping to create an environment that encourages and promotes entrepreneurship. Part of our business plan is to ensure we add ourselves to that list, turning our little corner of Essex, Colne Valley, into our very own Sili-Colne Valley #sorrynotsorry.


BBC Radio1 Academy

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This week we were a little star struck as we were invited to the Radio 1 Academy in Norwich, as part of the build up to the Big Weekend!

After an early start (and the obligatory brew) we began setting up, although in hindsight maybe making 250 teabags the day before was a little over the top. With a hoard of R1 sessions/chats/QAs going on throughout the day, we were positioned in the waiting area attempting to catch peoples attention as they moved through the space. Thanks to the quick and fun nature of Fallen, this wasn’t too tricky…especially when combined with the promise of a free teabag. Watching people come back to the table 3 or 4 times was brilliant, and gives us faith in what we’re doing. And judging by the tweets we got soon after, I think the teabags were a resounding success!

It was great to see some friendly faces from the Norwich Game Festival, including Joshua Croft with Forgotten Ball, Insert Imagination with To-Tum and Tom Kail with his plethora of gorgeous games! Its so exciting to see such brilliant games coming from across the region. …and Frazer and Aidan even managed to sneak into the Live Lounge and catch The Maccabees!

Thanks to everyone involved for such a fun day, its always a privilege to put our game in front of a new audience and even better when The Maccabees are there too! TBG x