App Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers.   

More details on what information we gather and hold through our apps can be found in this privacy notice.

Types of data we collect

We collect data in some of our games. We do this to identify gameplay patterns and improve your experience accordingly. We collect this data via the use of third-party services, where it’s stored safely with them. These services are:

We choose not to collect any personal or sensitive data – we simply don’t need to. All user data is anonymised and cannot be linked to individuals. The data we choose to collect via analytics is data that can help us identify gameplay patterns and statistics among players as a whole. This is often no more than:

  • Scores
  • Progress levels
  • Play times
  • Paths from A to B
  • If an advert was watched

By placing advertisements in our games, we can also view data that these services automatically capture. These are things like:

  • Number of impressions
  • Clicks on the advert
  • Installs of the advertised content

None of the data we collect is personal or sensitive – not even the data that third party services capture automatically for us. However, by using third-party services, it is possible that they might automatically collect data that is personal or sensitive for their own research purposes, and the delivery of targeted adverts through our games to you. If so, we cannot see this data and do not have control over it being captured.

If you have concerns about what that data may be, we recommend that you read their privacy policies listed below:

If at all you disagree with these third-party privacy policies, you can opt out of their services manually. If you disagree with the data that we collect, which is completely anonymous, non-personal and non-sensitive, then we urge you not to install or play our games.

By installing and playing our games, you automatically agree to all of the uses of data and third-party services mentioned above.

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