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At Teaboy Games we have a passion for original and unique mobile games design, and a great brew of course. Focusing on simple yet satisfying gameplay, we pride ourselves on making beautiful arcade-style games that appeal to all ages, regardless of gaming experience. We’re committed to constantly improving and learning from our peers. Essentially, we’re all teaboys.


Aidan Randall

Lead Designer

I'm a passionate game designer, always seeking new and wacky ways to create and showcase the equally wacky ideas I call games. I work with my other two team members designing game flow from the moment our app's are opened to the most satisfying moments of gameplay. I'm often found proto-typing game ideas and designing game braking mechanics for our exsititing games. Testing new game mechanics for new or old games in the shortest time possible is my passion. And of-course, balancing all this around my completly healthy obsession with Tea.

Frazer Merrick

Creative Director

I'm a composer and sound designer working across a variety of mediums, from feature films to audio branding, video games to art installations. Since graduating in Music Technology from the University of Huddersfield, I've worked on TV series like BBC Human Planet and my work has been shown at film festivals around the world. Within Teaboy, I am the primary artist, composer/sound-designer and also lead on the marketing strategy for all projects.

Scott Taylor


I’m a programmer for Teaboy, and a graduate of Computer Games Design at the University of Suffolk. I often fall into the role of the “Chief Technical Officer”, meaning I develop the backbone for our games and work out the pipeline to get games working on each platform. I also love to work on the fine detail, making all the little things perfect so the end experience is fluid. And of course get the wonderful job of fixing Aidan’s bugs.
Teaboy Games

A Short History

In late 2014 the Teaboy trio, Aidan, Frazer and Scott, met on the games incubator programme ‘GamesHub’. The scheme headed by Steven Huckle (Shark Infested Custard) is a free course to help creative individuals get into the games industry, regardless of their experience. As a team of fresh faced graduates they grabbed this opportunity with both hands,  absorbing as much information as possible from their peers. And thats how they landed on the name Teaboy, that and their collective love of a good brew.

With only a six month term ahead of them, the team knew they wanted to have something more than a demo by the end and settled on developing an arcade style game for the mobile platform. A reaction to both their interests and also current market trends. They ended up with Fallen, a simple reaction game. Conceived from brainstorming the most simple games, such a childs block and hole game. At the end of their six month term, even their peers were impressed with their progress. Having taken advice from the likes of Lee Stott (Microsoft), Mark Ogilvie (Jagex) and Ian Turnbull (Square-Enix), their title Fallen was garnering interest from various parties. In the weeks following, the good news kept flowing – and upon release Fallen was featured by Apple in ‘Best New Games’ in 100+ regions. After displaying at Norwich Games Festival, the team were invited to display at the massive BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Norwich and featured  on BBC News, Mashable and Tech Radar.

Teaboy has since delivered a variety of projects, focusing on mobile game development with clients including Essex University, Mercury Theatre, Colchester Roman Circus Museum and even Essex Police.

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