Digital, Creative and Cultural Festival

By July 30, 2017Uncategorized

Earlier this month we were invited to display at Essex University’s Digital, Creative and Cultural Festival.

Students can take part in a variety of exciting workshops and lectures. World leading academic researchers and industry professionals will inspire students to explore the wide ranging career opportunities in this sector; from Digital Mapping to Film Production.

Throughout the day school classes participated in four fun sessions throughout the day where you will experience the latest industry knowledge and technological advances, including a game design workshop from our very own Aidan Randall and our mentor Steven Huckle.

Working 9 to 5

Scott Teaboy Games 9 to 5

Scott was displaying our gamejam┬átitle 9 to 5, built in a single weekend, which explores the idea of stress in the workplace and is played using our favourite MakeyMakey controller (with a good measure of tin foil). The game allows us to discuss larger issues like stress and anxiety, whilst also discussing how the controller works (spoilers: conductivity) – with ample measure of pixel art and chip tune Dolly Parton.

Games Design Workshop

Aidan Teaboy Game Design Workshop

Aidan ran a Construct 2 workshop editing a template to explore different game mechanics and offering and introduction to aspects of game theory, with the help of veteran game designer (and Teaboy Games mentor) Steven Huckle.

We love inspiring the next generation of games developers.