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February 2017

Pendulum – Chapter 1 – Alpha Demo

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After months of work, we’re thrilled to share the alpha build of Pendulum with you. This is a crucial step on the road to release and this first chapter we’re giving you access to is a perfect introduction to the experience.

What happens when the rules change, but the goal remains the same?

Pendulum is built around the idea of constant change. Throughout the game, you’ll always by trying to achieve the same goal, but different obstacles will get in your way – what happens when you can’t see the obstacle, perhaps the balance of the controls changes or even both.

We want Pendulum to be compelling through all of its 100+ levels. In this opening chapter of 30 levels you’re introduced to two different mechanics and as we progress through the testing period you’ll see more and more unique game mechanics. We want to make them as balanced and polished as possible, and to do this we need YOUR help and feedback.

Attention to detail

Blurring the line between sound design and music

Alongside a huge visual overhaul, Pendulum now has a soundtrack! As you can see from this gameplay video we now have sound effects and music in place. In fact, our sound effects are in the same musical key as the backing track. This means you compose your own melodies as you play and they fit perfectly with the music. You can even perform chords by collecting two zones at the same time!

Visual Overhaul

Practicing what we preach

Minimalism is hard. Our art style has been constantly evolving throughout development, but we really feel we’ve landed on something special here. The subtle gradient backgrounds leave lots of space for intricate level design and beautiful visual feedback – like in the video above.

We’ve got tonnes of ideas we want to try out to make Pendulum as stunning as possible, and thats why we want you to test the game – to help us make it beautiful.