Norwich Games Festival 2016

By April 8, 2016news

Last year we took a rough demo of Fallen to Norwich Games Festival and learnt way more about the game (and ourselves) than we could have ever imagined. This year we returned with Fallen PLUS a super-duper-early-pre-alpha-demo-concept-prototype of our exciting new game, Pendulum! But before we get onto that, lets take a look at what caught our eye at NGF2016…

Our favourite aspect of NGF are the people who come to it. When you go to traditional games events, the majority of the audience are there to see indie games and/or AAA blockbuster titles. The problem we face is that we make casual/mobile games. But this is where NGF excels, because its free, in the easter holidays and slap bang in the centre of Norwich, the core audience are families and not necessarily people who would call themselves ‘gamers’ (but thats a whole other blog post).

Super Arc Light

Once the first games we got round to playing was this one-touch masterpiece from Scottish duo NoCodeStudios. Imagine Geometry Wars meets Super Hexagon, this futuristic arcade shooter is a brilliant example of how much you can do with only one button, and definitely a BIG influence for us as we move forward on Pendulum.

Kings Court

Norwich Games Festival is more than just video games, and this year Daniel Clackson was there with his Kickstarter campaign for strategy board game Kings Court – “A brand new and original strategy board game! Two Kings clash for control of the Court. Who will conquer and who will crumble?”. Its safe to say our man Aidan spent the majority of the festival engrossed in this game, so they gotta be doing something right!


As for us, well. We took TWO versions of Pendulum along to NGF2016. We’re currently working on the ‘input method’ for Pendulum, simply put the way in which you control the pendulum. Since we’re so early in our development process, it was actually incredible useful to play test our demo with such a great audience. We came away with a notebook FULL of ideas, and we’re currently knee deep in making some awesome updates to the game. Rather than develop in our own little world, we want to make sure we’re listening to our audience right from the get go. We’re planning to make much better use of TestFlight this time round (Apples way of delivering demo builds from developers to testers), so drop us a line if you want to get involved. We’ll do a more comprehensive blog post on the new game next week, along with an updated demo and a lovely survey for you all to fill in. In the mean time, lets all take some time to appreciate the NEW TEABAGS we made for Norwich Games Festival!

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