Billericay School – Aspire Program

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Recently I, Frazer, took some time out of the office to talk to a collection of Year 8 students at The Billericay School, Essex, as part of their Aspire program. Over the course of two after school sessions, I talked about my own story from music graduate to starting a games company (and the winding path of creativity in-between) and then tasked them with creating their own game ideas.

Working independently, or in groups, I asked them to come up with a title, short description, core mechanic and audience description. Despite the terminology going straight over their head initially, after a short discussion we were analysing all their favourite games with these terms, which blew away the teachers.

Their game ideas ranged from blood and gore, to stealth survival and even a mobile based BMX simulator. Listening to their ideas was really rewarding, and I even convinced a few of the class to download software like Scratch or Construct 2 and have a go at building a demo.

After this we broke into a discussion about our own game, Fallen, with a healthy competition amongst the class for high scores (a respectable 135 took first place!).

To top off the session, I gave the class a sneak peak of the NEW teaboy project! Using the class as a focus group is helping us to mould our game idea right from the get go. Last year we learnt this with showcasing Fallen at Norwich Games Festival, and we can’t wait to unveil our new game at NGF 2016!

It was really rewarding to talk to this young class about their ideas, and let them know thats the games industry is a genuine career option for them. As one of the boys said, “you have my dream job” and its nice to be reminded of that from time to time!

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