Teaboy Games’ 2015 Highlights

By January 1, 2016indiedev

Wow, what a year. Join us in journeying through Teaboy Games’ 2015 highlights, from our earliest prototypes through to the release and success of our debut mobile title, Fallen.

As a trio (Aidan, Frazer and Scott), we only met in November 2014, registered Teaboy Games LTD in April 2015 and then released Fallen in August 2015. Our expectations for Fallen, our first mobile game, we’re pretty low to begin with. Our first game was more about learning our craft, and testing the water. So to have over 65,000 downloads,  features from Apple in 100+ countries and press from the likes of Mashable and Techradar… it’s beyond our wildest dreams!


Teaboy Games’ 2015 Highlights


Aidan and Scott and NGF2015

We started the year building prototypes of Fallen, taking our first polished demo to Norwich Games Festival in April. This, our first Games Festival experience, was one of the pivotal moments in Fallen’s development. Seeing the general public play our game, and overwhelmingly enjoy it, was so incredibly rewarding. We came away from it with ear-to-ear smiles, and a list of improvements as long as our arm. Another festival highlight was Develop Conference, giving us the chance to brush shoulders with peers from across the UK games industry, and bolstering our collage of business cards back at the office.


Best New Games?!



When it finally came to release in August we had incredibly low expectations. Having met less than a year ago, with this our first project we focused on making a polished game in the hope of picking up some positive press coverage to help towards future projects. It’s safe to say we never anticipated being featured by Apple, and the effected it had on our numbers was phenomenal.

This is easily the highlight of our year: it was somewhat of a Holy Grail during development and to have achieved this level of recognition with our first game gives us huge confidence in ourselves and what we do at Teaboy Games.


What Next?


We ended the year with some exciting conversations about projects for the new year, and we’re really excited for the next chapter in Teaboy Games history. 2015 was a truly educational experience and in 2016 we want to put everything we learnt into practice and achieve even more. We face some big challenges in 2016, but the opportunities for success are even bigger.

Thank you to everyone we’ve met along the way, from endless emails for advice to posting out Teaboy teabags around the world, the support and guidance we get from the games development community continues to be phenomenal and we truly wouldn’t be where we are without you all.

Heres to 2016.

Teaboys ☕️

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