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October 2015

We’ve Fallen Onto Google Play

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Its with GREAT pleasure that we can announce Fallen will be launching on Android on Thursday 22nd October, alongside a bunch of awesome new features! After being featured in Apple’s ‘Best New Games’ in over 100 countries, Fallen racked up over 50’000 in just its first two weeks. With this our debut game, we garnered attention from the likes of Mashable, TechRadar and BBC News. Alongside a comprehensive content update, Fallen will now release on the Google Play Store on Thursday 22nd October for free.

Fallen Content Update Poster

 Content Update

In this comprehensive update we’ll be introducing TWO new power ups, a new origami inspired selector wheel and our first IAP!

  • Blackhole: This hypnotic portal will suck in the balls as they fall! As you upgrade the blackhole not only will it last longer, but it’ll grow larger and pull stronger!
  • Shield: With this personal defence system you’ll get three extra lives for a time limit. Upgrade to make this last longer, and take bigger risks spinning for more coins!

Alongside this fresh new content, we’ve continued to bug fix from the initial iOS launch and made further improvements. One of these is a new incentivised share feature, share your score to Facebook or twitter and get a massive 500 coins!