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August 2015

Fallen Launch Day

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After nearly 10 months, its FINALLY here…LAUNCH DAY! Fallen is now available to download, FREE on iOS.

In the past 24hrs we’ve been honoured with some amazing reviews, check it out:

  • “Electrifying!”
    – Ludovic Gilbert, Jai 10mn Pour Jouer
  • “Absolutely gorgeous.”
    – Jeff Byrnes, AppAdvice
  • “Unique and incredibly addictive”
    – Jack Cooksey, Pocket Full of Apps
  • “A step above the usual endless action dross”
    – Peter Willington, AppSpy
  • “Fallen puts your reflexes to the test in its simple but entertaining gravity-based game”
    – Karissa Bell, Mashable
  • “Sometimes the best games truly are the ones with the simplest concept”
    – Simon Wallace, Statisticiansix
  • “Beautifully designed”
    – Marcus Schwartene,
  • “Very minimal and very fun”
    – ThaiWare,
  • “Deceptively simple, this game is sure to keep you coming back for another chance to beat your score.”
    – Giancarlo Saldana, MacLife
  • “Fun and addictive game with a sleek minimalistic look”
    – Lisa Van Der Velden,
  • “Simple but additctive”
    – James Batchelor, Non-Violent Game of the Day

We’ll be sure to keep this article up to date as more reviews come in, but its overwhelmingly positive so far 😀 In the mean time, get it downloaded and start enjoying it!

Update: Check it out, we were in two local papers this week! The Colchester Daily Gazette on Wednesday 26th and East Anglian Daily Times on Friday 28th.

Colchester Gazette article and Teaboy Games and Fallen. 

East Anglian Daily Times article about Teaboy Games and Fallen.

Update: Tuesday 1st September we were invited on the Dave Monk show on BBC Radio Essex to talk about Teaboy Games and how the release of Fallen has been going now we’re four days in!

BBC Look East

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L ast night we were honoured to be featured on BBC Look East in their piece about the rise of entrepreneurs in Essex! We wouldn’t be where we are without the support and guidance of people like Shark infested Custard, Eastern Enterprise Hub, Essex University, the list goes on and on. Its businesses and organisations like these that are helping to create an environment that encourages and promotes entrepreneurship. Part of our business plan is to ensure we add ourselves to that list, turning our little corner of Essex, Colne Valley, into our very own Sili-Colne Valley #sorrynotsorry.


Essex Big Business Boost

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The past 10 months have been a complete whirlwind, from sketches on a flipchart to setting up a business and now being shortlisted for a business award. We’re excited to announce we’re finalists in the ‘Essex Big Business Boost’ competition!Last week we were invited to the Colbea Offices for a workshop day, explaining the next step in the competition.

Now we begin preparing our business development plan, essentially summing up the core values of Teaboy Games and how we want to grow as a business. Meeting our fellow contestants was brilliant, its truly inspiring to hear fellow entrepreneurs stories. With £3000 up for grabs, the competition is sure to be stiff!