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June 2015

App Store Optimisation

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This week we’ve been exploring the ‘Product Page’ of our app Fallen inside iTunes Connect. This is what you’ll see when you upload your app to the App Store and begin to prepare it for release. Essentially its everything the public will see when your app goes live on the store!

So, what exactly goes into a ‘Product Page’…

  • Name – The name of you app, obviously.
  • Icon – What people will end up with on their home screen.
  • Preview Video – A video between 15 and 30s they can watch on the app store.
  • Screenshots – Up to 5 screenshots you can use to showoff your apps best features.
  • Description – Up to 4000 characters in which you can sell your game, but only the first three lines show before a ‘more’ button, so be short and sweet.
  • Keywords – You’ve got up to 100 characters to list the terms people can search for and find your game (don’t include the title, thats automatic).

All this information will help people find your app, and then show them just how awesome it is and why they should download it right there and then. Now, App Store Optimisation as its called is somewhat of a dark art. I could probably write a blog entry about all these separate items, and I probably will, but for the time being I just wanted to point any fellow #indiedev peeps out there to some resources I’ve found super useful this week!


I’ll keep updating this entry as and when I come across anymore articles, alternatively if you’ve got some you want to add yourself get in touch on twitter @teaboygames