So its about time we got this DEV blog up and running…This weekend we, Aidan, Frazer and Scott, went to our first games festival as Teaboy Games and wow, what an experience!

Watching complete strangers play our game, Fallen, was fantastic and we left the weekend with a vast list of improvements to make. The week prior to NGF, Scott implement our first attempt at a difficulty curve, every 20 points the background now changes along with the strength of gravity. These changes went down great, however we noticed that since the shapes were still spawning at the same rate, the weaker gravity at the start of the game meant you ended up with more shapes on the screen…making it far harder to begin!

So this weeks challenge will be fine tuning that difficulty curve, along with various bugs we noticed across the weekend.

Fallen has had somewhat of a visual overhaul in the past few weeks, giving a new ‘wires’ theme consistently across the game. From the translucent image inside the gameplay, to the new informative icon on the home screen (score/highscore/wallet/advert/play). User-feedback is definitely an area to work on for the game, and we had some fantastic ideas over the weekend for how the artwork can do this.

Make sure you follow us on twitter to keep update, but hopefully these blogs will be a weekly occurrence!

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