BBC Radio1 Academy

By May 17, 2015news

This week we were a little star struck as we were invited to the Radio 1 Academy in Norwich, as part of the build up to the Big Weekend!

After an early start (and the obligatory brew) we began setting up, although in hindsight maybe making 250 teabags the day before was a little over the top. With a hoard of R1 sessions/chats/QAs going on throughout the day, we were positioned in the waiting area attempting to catch peoples attention as they moved through the space. Thanks to the quick and fun nature of Fallen, this wasn’t too tricky…especially when combined with the promise of a free teabag. Watching people come back to the table 3 or 4 times was brilliant, and gives us faith in what we’re doing. And judging by the tweets we got soon after, I think the teabags were a resounding success!

It was great to see some friendly faces from the Norwich Game Festival, including Joshua Croft with Forgotten Ball, Insert Imagination with To-Tum and Tom Kail with his plethora of gorgeous games! Its so exciting to see such brilliant games coming from across the region. …and Frazer and Aidan even managed to sneak into the Live Lounge and catch The Maccabees!

Thanks to everyone involved for such a fun day, its always a privilege to put our game in front of a new audience and even better when The Maccabees are there too! TBG x

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